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The 20th anniversary celebration of BTMT


20 years journey despite of wind and rain, BTMT overcomes all obstacles; Twenty years of hard work and diligence, Twenty eventful years have made BTMT’S brilliant achievements.——This is the truest portrayal of the development over the past 20 years.
20 years, 7300 days of persistence; One family, the cohesion of more than 200 people; The 20th anniversary celebration of BTMT was held on November 1; More than 200 employees, partners and special guests witness and wish BTMT's growth in the past 20 years, and wish us sail again!
Thanks to the trust of customers, BTMT has the mission of "pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees and making contributions to social development";
Thanks to suppliers for their support, so that BTMT together to achieve win-win cooperation;
Thanks to the three systems to support BTMT, so that BTMT intelligent manufacturing can be realized;
Thanks to the support of BTMT's family, BTMT has overcome difficulties and obstacles one after another.  At the same time,  20 veteran employees were awarded the loyalty contribution award,who have been accompanied BTMT by wind and rain.
One year's enterprise depends on luck, three years' enterprise depends on the boss, five years' enterprise depends on management, ten years' enterprise depends on culture, and one hundred years' enterprise depends on faith; No matter what happened in the past, from this moment, BTMT has stepped into a new milestone, regained its original intention and set sail again!  
At the end of the celebration, we light candles, cut cakes, sing happy birthday songs, send birthday wishes for our great creation, and wish us the next 30, 50, and 100 years!

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