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Excellent enterprise with sustainable development and smart operation capabilities


Accumulate strength and make an international debut



Beijing TRANS Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. was established.


The factory (Phase I) was laid and put into use in November.


Obtain a self-support import and export license.


The official website has been set up,
and the production of Optical Flat with Lambda/20 at Dia. 150mm began.


BTMT participated in Optical Exhibition in Shenzhen (CIOE) and Beijing (ILOPE).


BTMT obtained Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and UKAS.
ZS 800 Coating Chamber was set up and put into use.


BTMT participated in Optical Exhibition (Laser World of Photonics) in Munich, began to enter the international market; Lambda 950 and UV2450 spectrophotometer, ZYGO interferometer were put into


ZZS800 coating machine and CNC machine were put into use.

Fulfill multi-dimensional upgrades, leading to a rapid development



BTMT imported VCL-7006 Temperature & Climatic System from Germany, imported SS-CT900 vacuum coating machine from South Korea, and imported LOH company FLLQJ-01 high-precision diameter gauge, and the production accuracy has been improved again


A complete set of high-speed polishing equipment and SS-CT1000A vacuum coating machine was imported from South Korea, laying the foundation for the second phase of the project.


The ERP management system was put into use to comprehensively improve the efficiency of the enterprise. The company passed the review of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprise. Imported optical and mechanical centering and edging machines and more polishing equipment have once again empowered the production line.


Optical center equipment MOT-225/100 and LOH CNC machining equipment were imported from Germany TRIOPTICS.


BTMT participated in Photonics West in the United States to further increase international awareness.


BTMT participated in the Laser World of Photonics China in Shanghai for the first time.


Adopt the amoeba business model to improve the enterprise management mechanism


BTMT introduced Amoeba business model and improved enterprise management mechanism.


BTMT upgraded ERP management system to cloud ERP, and established APS intelligent scheduling system and amoeba accounting system; imported German Leybold ARES 1110 coating machine; imported German TRIOPTICS PrismMaster 300 HR precision goniometer.

Focus on innovation and expansion, sailing into the future



BTMT imported MTF tester and OptiCentric 3D 100 center instrument from Germany TRIOPTICS; Japan Keyence IM-7000 image size measuring instrument.


BTMT import Nanoform X ultra-precision centering lathe from Precitech, Germany; PPM 301 CNC from OPTOTECH, Germany; GNV4 large-size spherical milling machine from Japan; NewView™ 9000 Series from ZYGO, USA; Verfire HD MST system interferometer from ZYGO, USA (Expanded to 400mm diameter); Introduce a new generation of differential confocal tester.


Obtained the certificate of “Specialized and sophisticated enterprises” in Beijing


Establish deterministic ultra-high precision production lines;
Awarded as National-Level “Little Giant” Enterprise;
Won the fifth batch of Green Factory honor;
BTMT obtained Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate ISO 45001,Environmental Management System Certificate ISO 14001,Energy Management System Certificate ISO 50001.

In the future journey, BTMT will continue to maintain our original aspirations, to lay a solid foundation,
and continue to forge ahead and develop a better future with an industry-leading R&D level,
precise and efficient manufacturing standards and standardized management systems.

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