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Provide a full range of professional technical solutions from design and development, processing and adjustment, and high-precision testing

About Design and Research & Development

We Provide Multi-dimensional Solutions for Multiple Needs

Relying on profound experience in the industry, BTMT has developed a unique understanding of optical design and production. We have professional capabilities of design and manufacturing of various high-precision optical lenses.
In response to the different needs of customers, BTMT can accurately target the core of the problem through in-depth, professional and comprehensive communication, and fully capture the explicit and implicit needs of customers, using professional optical design software ZEMAX, LIGHTTOOLS, CODE V and institutional design software SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDEDGE. We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality optical design and mechanism design services.

Processing and Adjustment

We Own Sophisticated Equipment to Manufacture Products With Fine Quality

BTMT has a world-class centering and turning ultra-precision machining lathe, with the ultra-precision machining capability of the high-precision lens unit LENS CELL, which can achieve translation errors within 1 micron and tilt errors within 2". Through unique adjustments, we ensure that the lens has no surface changes, guarantee the perfect performance of LENSCELL, and lays a good foundation for the precision assembly of high-precision optical lenses. BTMT spares no effort to achieve customer needs. We provide customers with high-precision assembly and adjustment technical services, including direct assembly method, optical alignment assembly, interferometer adjustment, MTF adjustment and centering method. Through the understanding of optical path and mechanism composition, and system optimization analysis, we provide customers with lens adjustment services, which can meet their requirements of adjusting various precision optical products.

Product Testing

We Make Sure We Provide Best Products Because We Have First-class Testing Equipment

The product testing equipment owned by BTMT is at the world's leading level. Our testing equipment includes TRIOPTICS central deviation and air gap detector, TRIOPTICS transfer function tester MTF, and ZYGO MST high-resolution large-aperture interferometer. They work together as the guarantee for lens performance testing. We promise that we take quality as the first priority, and provide our customers with the best products.

Standard Products

Windows & Mirrors
Doublets and Triplets
Imaging Lenses

Product Customization

Professionally custom high-precision special optical components

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