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Cultural Activities

BTMT Sports Meeting

The annual BTMT sports meeting is the starting point for our promotion of "Strong Physique". In the sports games, we rely on wisdom to plan tactics, rely on persistence to defeat ourselves, rely on self-confidence to break the limit, and rely on team cohe

BTMT Barbecue Festival

The annual barbecue festival is a unique cultural activity of BTMT. The purpose of the activity is to enhance mutual understanding between employees of various departments, enhance teamwork spirit, and create a collective atmosphere, which can deepen empl

Health Checkup

The annual health checkup is the most basic guarantee provided by BTMT for employees, which can help find potential health issues before they become a problem.

Group Activities

Every year, BTMT holds various activities, such as hiking, visiting and exploring a new place together, etc. Through these various activities, employees have fun and relax.

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