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Our subversion of the industry is only to give you better service

7 Days - Each Day Is An Interpretation of The Highest Quality

BTMT values efficiency. The traditional optical processing process usually takes 4-6 weeks, which is particularly limited when customers have urgent needs. Relying on deep industry experience, advanced production equipment, world-class testing equipment, excellent professional team and efficient management system, BTMT optimizes the production process, completely subverts the industry’s regular cycle, and targets small batches and high-precision customized products. We are able to provide "7-day delivery" featured service. The entire process only takes 7 days, starting from receiving the customer's order, going through the preparation stages of drawing, process, tooling, materials, etc., to processing procedures such as coarse and fine grinding, polishing, coating, edging, gluing, and final inspection, and then packaging and delivery to customers. This special service fully meets customer needs for emergency products and rapid research and development.

7 Days - Each Step Is For Fulfilling The Promise

First-level Commitment Guarantee: High-level Product Power

Quality First

First-class production lines are the guarantee of product quality. BTMT refines the production line from two directions - equipment and the process. Through the two directions, we will fulfill customers’ requirements for products with extremely high standards. In terms of equipment, BTMT has introduced multiple CNCs from German companies - LoH and OPTOTECH. By using them, while ensuring product accuracy, we can quickly improve production efficiency. BTMT is also equipped with multiple models of imported high-speed polishing equipment to meet the mass supply of high-precision products. In terms of the process, an ultra-high-precision production line was created. Imported processing equipment was used to once again improve the accuracy and precision of products.

Second Level Commitment Guarantee: Hyper-converged Team Effectiveness

“Triple Collaboration”, Professional Creation

BTMT team has senior experts who have more than 40 years of practical experience, outstanding backbones, and new stars with active thinking. They all have solid professional knowledge and rich practical experience. In order to maximize the team effect, BTMT team thoroughly implements the "triple collaboration" standard: firstly, we focus on "precision", accurately positioning customer needs; secondly, we focus on "professional", creating professional solution to customer problems; thirdly, we focus on "action", meaning implementation with high efficiency to complete the goal. “Triple collaboration” fully integrates team intelligence and execution, highly improves team effectiveness, and fully meets customer needs.

Third Level Commitment Guarantee: Big Data Empowers Production Processes

Systematic Management, Operation Empowerment

The implementation of each detailed step affects the overall operating efficiency of the production process. BTMT introduced ERP management system, established APS intelligent scheduling system and Amoeba operating system. The three major systems support the realization of dynamic management and tracking of the production process, enables real-time monitoring for the progress of each process, ensuring the seamless connection of various processes. The systems make the operation more reasonable, orderly, scientific and efficient, and effectively improve the overall management level. It is an important core to promote the "7-day delivery" service.

"7-day delivery" service fully embodies BTMT’s service tenet of "faster, better, and more refined". We strive to meet customer needs and ensure product quality, while streamline processes, in order to create the highest value for customers with best performance.

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