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Publicity of BTMT’S application for "green factory"


When Present Xi presided over the 19th National Congress, stressed: "Ecological environment protection and economic development are dialectical and complementary. Building ecological civilization and promoting the development of green low-carbon cycle can not only meet people's growing needs of beautiful ecological environment, but also push forward the development of higher quality, efficiency, fairness, sustainability and security. We should embark on a path of civilized development characterized by increased production, better living standards and a nice ecological environment."
BTMT insists on the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, and promotes green development. Green manufacturing is an important part of the fight against pollution. Developing green manufacturing system is an effective means to reduce pollution from the source and integrate the concept of green development into various work. 
In order to implement the requirements of environmental protection documents and accelerate the construction progress of "green factory", our company entrusts Huaxia Certification Center Co., Ltd. to analyze, investigate and issue relevant reports on carbon footprint and carbon verification of the company's products.

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