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BTMT completed the 2023 annual AEO internal audit



In April, Beijing Trans Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. (BTMT) completed the annual internal audit of AEO advanced enterprise certification. This is the third internal audit after BTMT passed the customs AEO advanced enterprise certification on November 30, 2020.

As of March 4, 2023, there are 1,529,022 import and export companies in China, of which only 5,110 have passed advanced certification nationwide, and 248 have passed advanced certification in Beijing, accounting for only 0.33% of the total. BTMT is one of the advanced certified enterprises.

AEO is the abbreviation of Authorized Economic Operator, which is translated as "经认证的经营者" in Chinese. It refers to an enterprise that participates in the international circulation of goods in any way and meets the standards stipulated by the General Administration of Customs. The AEO system is the core system in the World Customs Organization's "Global Trade Security and Facilitation Standard Framework". Chain security and trade facilitation to achieve mutual benefit and smooth trade between customs and enterprises.

As an AEO enterprise, what are the advantages of BTMT with this certification? 

As VIP of customs, AEO enterprises can enjoy preferential policies at both international and domestic levels. On the international side, customs facilitation measures with AEO countries or regions with mutual recognition; In the domestic side, it enjoys five major categories of preferential measures for advanced certification enterprises, such as priority handling, reducing supervision frequency, reducing customs clearance costs, shortening processing time, and optimizing service.


How to use AEO certification in the order with BTMT?

After the importers and exporters know the AEO code, they need to fill in the declaration of the AEO code (AEOCN1114960018) in accordance with the customs regulations of the country where they are located. After the customs of the country where they are located confirm the identity of the AEO enterprises of China Customs, relevant facilitation conditions will be given.

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