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Metallic Coatings

Broadband over near-UV, VIS to FIR
Insensitive to polarization and incident angle
Low damage threshold, can NOT be used on high power lasers

--Protected Aluminum Coating
R>92% @0.26~0.4 microns
Rave>90% @0.4~0.7microns
--Protected Silver Coating
R>96%@ 0.4~0.7 microns
R>98% @0.75~10.0 microns
--Protected Gold Coating
R>96% @0.8~10.0 microns

Precision Optical Flat Mirrors

These high accuracy mirrors are reflective coated and then overcoated for protection. Excellent for imaging system, laser applications, as well as for Holography, optical path folding and as reflectors for Autocollimating requirements.
These mirrors are of the same quality as our precision optical flats . Before coatings, the primary surface is precision ground and polished to the stated accuracy and certified by Digital Phase-Shifing interferometer. The secondary surface is commercial polished.

  • Material

    Fused Silica or Zerodur
  • Dimension

    30mm to 300 mm
  • Surface Quality

  • Surface Accuracy

    λ/20, λ/10, λ/4
  • Coating

    Protected AL, Ag, Au

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